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SECO acquires AiDiLab and accelerates in the IoT sector

Arezzo, 05 July 2018

With the operation concluded this morning, the SECO group - world leader in the field of computer miniaturization - acquires 70% of AiDiLab, the creative laboratory of Interaction Design. SECO thus accelerates the development process towards new high-tech solutions, ranging from IoT to Industry 4.0.

The lucky meeting between a young and creative start-up and a solid and structured industrial group had already happened in 2013, when SECO and AiDiLab launched the UDOO project on Kickstarter, a maker board created for the world of digital makers and artisans that in a few hours made important worldwide publications talk about it and counts today on a community of over 100,000 developers.

And that's how innovation is born: with the courageous integration between start-up, industry and university, the intersection of different worlds that, being able to look in the same direction, have known over time to build together new paths and bridges connecting different fields.

The acquisition of AiDiLab aims to bring innovation in the industrial field, especially in Industry 4.0 and in IoT Industry, evolving the vision of embedded electronics towards the offer of value-added services related to Machine Learning and Edge Computing, thus offering customers a complete IoT solution.

Maurizio Caporali, founder and CEO of AiDiLab, commented: "We have always tried to carry forward innovative ideas and projects that have been realized by American companies able to bring them quickly into the market. When we started collaborating closely with SECO, we had the opportunity to put together the positive aspects of the two companies, one small innovative and flexible, the other well structured, more rigid, but with the possibility of quickly realizing projects. This union has allowed us to realize important research and development projects and products of global success".

"As our world becomes more and more digitized, adds Antonio Rizzo, professor of Interaction Design at the University of Siena and founder of AiDiLab, that increases our potential ability to connect with it. Strange as it may sound the current forms of connection and communication are still primordial, not to say brute, and consequently sometimes frustrating or even alienating. A fundamental mission of research in the Interaction Design is to participate directly in the innovation of the resources that daily give shape to our experience and not to be simple witnesses of this innovation. It is also for this reason that engaging in the first person and engaging the students of the Interaction Design courses in this business is almost a duty."

Daniele Conti, President of SECO, expresses his satisfaction: "After many years of fruitful collaboration between the two companies, today's operation was a physiological transition, capable of maximizing even more the synergy between a company well-structured like SECO and the dynamism of a creative workshop, like AiDiLab. In this way, SECO will be able to count more and more on the freshness, curiosity and creativity of the AiDiLab team and, on the other hand, the latter will be able to count on the structured processes of SECO, both in the R & D and manufacturing phases, which allows us to bring to the industrialization the most innovative ideas. However, the goal is to maintain the nature of the two working groups unaltered, because we are convinced that positive contamination originates from the most marked differences."

With the entry of AiDiLab into the group, SECO opens new scenarios in the markets of the Internet of Things, of the Edging Computing and of the Artificial Intelligence, in which the group has progressively built a strong know-how.


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