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We have been operating in the high-tech market for over 40 years, developing embedded microcomputers, integrated systems and IoT solutions.

Who We Are

SECO (IOT.MI), listed on Borsa Italiana’s Mercato Telematico Azionario (STAR segment), is a center of excellence in the field of innovation and technological integration. The company has been operating in the high tech market for over 40 years, designing, developing and manufacturing cutting-edge proprietary technological solutions for industrial clients.


SECO products range from miniaturized computers to standard or customized hardware, high-tech finished products and hardware-software integrated systems for highly diversified end-markets, including medical, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, wellness and vending systems. In addition, the company has further improved its product range with the launch of Clea, a proprietary Platform as A Service (i.e. PaaS), providing services and solutions for applications within the Internet of Things (“IoT”) allowing clients to manage their IoT Endpoints in an efficient, effective and simple manner.


SECO operates on a global scale with offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, as well as production facilities in Italy and China, serving more than 200 blue-chip customers which are leaders in their respective fields. SECO R&D capabilities are further enhanced by long-lasting strategic partnerships with tech giants and collaboration with universities, research centers, and innovative start-ups. SECO is an investee of FITEC, managed by Fondo Italiano d'Investimento SGR.




We exist to open up the world* to innovation.



*Products, Organizations, People, Machines, SECO Itself.

We bring together technologies and skills to answer new needs and opportunities.

End-to-end technologies that transform possibilities into concrete innovation.

Together to Invent Tomorrow

SECO solutions find numerous applications in a variety of sectors such as biomedicine (ultrasonography, CAT scan and dialysis machines), industry, aerospace, defense, transportation (railways) and many others. SECO PCs represent not only the mind, but also the soul, of machines.


The gradual arrival of new technologies such as Cloud, artificial intelligence, and 5G has opened the way to the digital transformation of objects, production lines and business models, opening up enormous opportunities.


In this context, through pioneering digital technologies and the development of crucial know-how, we can support our customers and ease their way into change.

Thanks to a full-service, customer-oriented approach, our clients have the guarantee of receiving comprehensive, timely and efficient support in every phase of every project: from the initial concept to the design of hardware, software, and mechanics, through production and testing, and up to system integration and further services necessary for the completion of the final product (such as BIOS customization, surface treatments, simulation and measuring services, specific certifications), including those related to IoT.


SECO solutions are free from technological lock-ins thanks in part to open-source technologies and approaches designed to be completely reversible.




Our shareholders’ contribution in defining strategy and key decisions has the goal of constantly improving the Group’s results in the economic, environmental, and social arenas.

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