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Embedded Device Security

What challenges we faced

The need for security in today’s embedded devices applies to all our customers to varying degrees. Whether it is for automotive, industrial, medical or homeland security, the need for multiple layers of security is universal. SECO USA offers multiple security features ranging from boot system security to hardware security. One of SECO USA's customers in the automotive sector required a hand-held device with multiple security features.

What we did

SECO USA designed a custom tablet for an electric car manufacturer with very demanding security requirements. The tablet was used in the manufacturing and servicing of vehicles and was used to access customer vehicles as well as reprogram more than 10 firmware elements of the vehicle. It was critical for the tablet to only perform approved tasks, certify the credentials of the user, and fully protect all software components being transferred to the vehicle. SECO USA delivered a custom table implementing many software and hardware security features to allow the customer to deploy a service network for its new electric vehicles. 

Results we achieved

Relying on SECO USA extensive expertise in designing rugged hand-held embedded devices, the SECO USA team designed and delivered a fully customized hand-held tablet with a 7” display, dual CANBus connections, Ethernet, USB Encryption Key Access, Secure OTA updates, Secure Boot, LinuxSE, hardware tamper detection, and a rugged design for difficult environmental conditions..

Technologies Used


iMX-6 Processor, 7” High Bright Display, LinuxSE, CANBus, Ethernet, Multiple Security Features, rugged design.





"Security is becoming the principal concern in the embedded market as more and more embedded devices are being used in critical infrastructure and applications. Our ability to implement our customers security requirements in software, hardware, and during an update process allows us to meet all our customer’s unique security needs"


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