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    Terms and Conditions for the Management of Returns

    Returns Under Warranty

    1. Warranty Period

    1.1 The warranty period is described on the home page of the site and particularly under:

        - General Conditions of Sale

    2. Using Customer Assistance

    2.1 To make use of customer assistance under warranty, the customer must:

        - keep the purchase invoice or other supporting document regarding delivery, including the tracking number, which may be requested by SECO,

        - request authorization to return the material (RMA), on the site

    2.2  SECO may proceed at its own discretion to the repair of the material, the reimbursement of the entire sum paid, or the material’s replacement with a product of equal or superior characteristics.

    3.Terms of Exclusion from the Warranty

    3.1 The warranty will not be recognized if:

         (I) the flaw appeared after the recognized warranty period,

         (II) the warranty seals have been removed or altered,

         (III) the product has been improperly used, altered or has undergone modifications of any order or degree without the relative authorization, or has been subjected to external environmental agents inappropriate to the characteristics of the same or has been subjected to any other situation of which SECO cannot be held responsible. The judgment related to the cause of exclusion will be at the discretion and according to the incontestable decision of SECO itself,

         (IV) the defectiveness of the product was caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, natural electrical discharges-lightning, floods, etc.),

         (V) the products and accessories were purchased from SECO by third-party manufacturers (RAM, HDD, FDD Modules, etc.). These are excluded from the warranty except within the terms established by SECO with the suppliers themselves,

         (VI) The products are “consumable” (batteries, fuses, LCDs, LEDs, etc.) or are software,

         (VII) The product is not sent back in its original and anti-static (ESD) packaging  

    4. Authorization Request

    4.1 Before sending the material back, it is necessary to request from SECO the related authorization (RMA).

    4.2 The forms for the RMA request to be included with the returned materials are available on the site

    4.3 SECO will not accept any return that hasn’t been previously authorized.

    4.4 It is the customer’s responsibility to include detailed information about the flaws discovered. Particularly, terms like “it doesn’t work,” “broken,” or any other generic definitions that do not describe the problems encountered in detail will not be accepted.

    4.5 The authorization (RMA) is valid for 30 days, so the return must reach SECO’s Customer Assistance Center within 30 working days of the RMA’s issuance.

    4.6 In case of expiration, it is the customer’s responsibility to request a new RMA.

    5. Shipping Method

    5.1 The documents to be included with the package are the:

         a) Transport Document (accompanying seal/document),

         b) copy of the RMA request form duly filled out and displaying the number assigned and communicated by SECO,

         c) copy of the RMA analysis form duly filled out and displaying the number assigned and communicated by SECO.

    5.2 If the return includes malfunctioning accessories, the customer must include in the package a detailed list that describes them. SECO cannot be held responsible for accessories that are sent in the absence of this list.

    5.3 The product to be returned must be packed with original anti-static or ESD material.

    5.4 SECO reserves the right to not accept returns that are not packed in conformity with these requirements, seeing that the customer is charged for the cost of sending back the unrepaired items.

    5.5 Shipping costs for returns to SECO are the customer’s responsibility. SECO will see to the shipping of the repaired returned materials if the piece is recognized as being under warranty.

    5.6 The risks connected to the shipping and transport of the merchandise are understood as being entirely the customer’s. 

    6. Cost of Assistance Service

    6.1 The customer may request an estimate for the repairs not covered by the warranty, which will be sent via fax or email, after SECO’s technical service has evaluated the received material.

    6.2 The paid assistance service will be applied, in any case, under the following conditions:

         - The warranty terms have expired,

         - no defectiveness in the product has been found,

         - the product was returned for a modification, update, or test after the warranty’s expiration,

         - with the subsistence of the elements described in art. 3.

    6.3 Assistance costs, with the exception of other agreements, will be defined as follows:

         6.3.1 Repairs under warranty

         - technical analysis, repair and replacement of parts > free,

         - cost of transport from SECO Assistance Center to customer > SECO’s responsibility, except for other arrangements and only if the customer paid for the shipping to the SECO Assistance Center.

        6.3.2 Repairs out of warranty or not recognized under warranty 

         - repair and replacement of parts > customer’s responsibility,

         - cost of transport “to” and “from” SECO Assistance Center > customer’s responsibility

         - if requested by the customer, SECO will carry out the repair following acceptance of the estimate that calls for the charging of the costs of: repair time + cost of material (parts and other) + cost of technical analysis + cost of transport, if the customer does not have his or her own courier.

         6.3.3 Technical Analyses

         In case:

         a) the defectiveness reported by the customer is not detected in the return, either under or out of warranty,

         b) or the return cannot be repaired under warranty and the customer decides not to have the paid repair carried out,

         SECO will charge the customer for:

         - the costs incurred for the technical analysis performed on the return for a lump sum of €25 to cover the cost of the technical analysis performed,

         - the shipping costs for sending the return from the SECO Assistance Center to the customer.

    7. Return Repair Time

    7.1 SECO commits to repairing the merchandise according to the schedule indicated below:

        (i) for a single package of a number lesser or equal to 50 pieces > 20 working days,

        (ii) for a single package of a number greater than 50 pieces > 30 working days,

        (iii) for a single package of a number greater than 100 pieces > 40 working days.

    7.2 The standard times are however susceptible to modifications depending on the availability of replacement parts and the time necessary for the analysis of various problems, therefore they cannot be considered as peremptory.

    7.3 For merchandise not produced by SECO, the returns will be sent to the original producer for repair.

    7.4 No damages can be requested of SECO for any delays in the carrying out of repairs or replacements.

    8. Technical Repair Report

    8.1 SECO provides, free of charge, for the completion of a technical report regarding the causes that determined the problem and the actions that were carried out on the repaired product.


    9. Repair Service for Out-of-Market Products

    9.1 SECO also guarantees the repair of out-of-market products, or those that have obsolete (end-of-life) parts, in two cases:

          i. when between the parties there is a specific prior agreement according to which SECO has committed to guaranteeing a stock of obsolete parts,

          ii. or when the latter are still available in the normal distribution channels. In this case, however, the purchase cost will be the customer’s responsibility.

    9.2 SECO also makes available its know-how to guarantee the search for alternate solutions if the parts cannot be found on the market, guaranteeing technical support for obsolete and out-of-production boards and modules.