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Для SECO персонал всегда был основным активом и одним из ее инвестиционных приоритетов. Именно поэтому была создана среда, где инновации и постоянное усовершенствование принимают конкретную форму благодаря обмену идеями и сильному командному духу. Вовлечение каждого сотрудника - это неотъемлемая составляющая великолепных результатов, достигнутых SECO.

Работа в SECO означает возможность личностного и профессионального роста благодаря исследовательской деятельности и постоянному обучению, что помогает в полной мере раскрыть способности индивидуума и усиливает значимость сотрудничества в действительно сплоченной группе.

Наши ценности


Мы всегда даем самое лучшее.

Мы превращаем свои идеи в действие.


Мы всегда в поиске новых идей.

Мы предвосхищаем изменения.


Мы работаем по принципам лояльности, честности и порядочности.

Мы работаем качественно .

Наши обязательства

Уважение к коллегам

Мы верим в ценность разнообразия и подчеркиваем уникальность индивидуума.


Мы обязуемся знать и применять стандарты качества SECO.

Коммуникация и улыбка

Мы выражаем увлечение, мотивацию и радость и никогда не оказываем давления на собеседника.

Бережное отношение к окружающей среде и пример

Мы бережем окружающую среду и подаем пример, вводя в свой обиход простые экологические привычки.


Своим успехом мы обязаны тем, кто помогает нам каждый день.

Стремление к совершенству

Мы стараемся предупредить потребности клиентов и превзойти их ожидания.

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Director Operations SECO Northern Europe - Hamburg

SECO Northern Europe is part of the SECO Group. It provides products and services to its customers in Northern Europe (DACH, UK, Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia) as well to its sister companies in the SECO Group (in Southern Europe, the US and Asia).

The SECO Group develops and manufactures cutting-edge technological solutions, from miniaturized computers to fully customized integrated systems combining hardware and software.


The Director Operations is responsible for the cost effective and timely delivery of all products and product-related services of the company. He designs and implements all business operations from order intake, procurement, production to delivery.


The Director Operations SECO Northern Europe is responsible for SECO’s three plants in Northern Europe. In Hamburg (plant I and II) and Wuppertal currently approx. 100 employees manufacture products worth approx. € 50 Mio. SECO Northern Europe is expected to continue its double-digit growth in the next years.


Core tasks:

  • Leading and developing his team via leadership, coaching and mentoring, ensuring all employees in Operations are supported by the right structure, process, people development and technology;
  • Accountability for all activities related to the “product” included daily operational functions of a business in terms of quality, time, budget and cost;
  • Driving and optimizing the operating capabilities to achieve customer satisfaction, efficiency, and company targets in the departments purchasing, customer care & planning, production Hamburg I (system integration), Hamburg II (PCBA) and Wuppertal (PCBA) as well as industrial engineering;
  • Active participation in defining the company’s strategy, deriving and planning of related objectives and communication to his team;
  • Delivering according to company’s yearly business planning, roadmap and key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as fostering a result-oriented culture in his team;
  • Establishment of policies to promote company culture and vision to achieve an excellent enterprise operations system;
  • Identification, selection and successful implemention of production technology solutions to meet current and future needs. Analysis and optimization of resources to obtain maximum results with the least investment.


The Director Operations is member of the management team of SECO Northern Europe and reports directly to the CEO of SECO Northern Europe. Additionally, he reports in a dotted line functionally to the Corporate COO in Headquarters, located in Arezzo, Italy.


Main skills:

  • Academic degree in engineering, industrial engineering or a comparable qualification;
  • At least 3 to 5 years relevant work experience in a comparable leadership role in an operations environment of similar size and with similar growth in a at least neighboring industry (electrical or electronical industrial goods, with a certain degree of manual assembly);
  • Profound knowledge of lean management methodologies, ability to design, plan, implement and continuously improve processes and structures;
  • Familiar with a numbers and fact driven business environment, ability to quickly analyze data, derive conclusions, and get things done;
  • Strong and committed leadership with excellent change management and people development skills. Experience in recruiting and fostering top talents. Ideally profound experience in Post-Merger-Integration;
  • Approachable personality with a talent for communication. Ability to deal with the requests of colleagues with empathy;
  • Strong presentation skills, even in front of larger groups or challenging environments;
  • Fluent in German as well as in English, ideally additional language skills (e.g. Italian).

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