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    Winning Formula

    The ETX® (Embedded Technology eXtended) architecture is based upon two elements: the ETX® CPU Module and the ETX® Baseboard.
    The ETX® CPU modules have a compact size (95x114mm) and four standard high density connectors through which the ISA bus, PCI bus and the most common I/O signals in a PC are conveyed to the ETX® Baseboard. The connectors are placed on the baseboard which is generally designed on the customer’s requirements. For ETX® baseboards, SECO provides off-the-shelf solutions but also offers its extensive know-how for custom baseboard design.
    This solution allows the customer to keep the same mechanical casing or chassis that contains the embedded CPU system however diversifying or updating the performance of the product by simply exchanging the ETX CPU module. Another advantage is the possibility of creating a wider range of final products with different performance and /or features by simply using different CPU modules, avoiding additional design costs and risks.