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    Cross Platform Development Kit

    The complete solutions to start developing with x86 and ARM Qseven modules



    The Cross Platform Development kit is a complete package that contains all that is necessary to start developing with Qseven® CPU modules, both on x86 and on ARM architectures, and verify the possibilities offered by these two different worlds. In every moment it will be possible to swap from one architecture to the other, with just minor SW adaptations, and see what are the possibilities offered by the other type of architecture with a minor effort and without time waste. 

    Cross Platform Development Kit is the ideal way for x86 developers to approach ARM world, and vice-versa, exploring new possibilities and choosing the best solution for the application they have to build.

    The Cross Platform Carrier Board is used for SECOQSeven Design Guide: electrical schematics of the boards will be available for developers that began testing with this board, and want to recycle portions of it for their own-designed Carrier Boards, allowing thus a significant reduction of time for Hardware Development.  

    SECO offers also the BSP, drivers and SDK for the single QuadMo boards used with the Development board. Using the same components in your own design, will allow sparing time also in Software Development.


    The Development kit contains the following material: 

    • Cross Platform Carrier Board  

    • LVDS Display (7” - 800x480 and/or 10” – 1024x768, at choice)  

    • 4-wire T/S, already assembled on LCD display 

    • LVDS to TTL 24-bit display converter

    • TTL to RS-232 Transceiver board 

    • 19VDC Notebook Power Adapter, with Power Cords for connection to EUCEE 7/16, US NEMA 1-15, UK BS 1363A, JP JIS8303  

    • FFC cable for interconnection or Cross Platform Carrier Board and ARM QSeven® module camera connector   

    • USB 2.0 Plug “A” – Plug “mini B” for USB client connection  

    • Connection cables for adapter boards included in the kit 

    • Connection cable for LVDS display  

    • 4-Wire Touch Screen cable adapter  

    Since the Cross Platform can be used with any SECO Qseven CPU Module, the Development Kit DOESN’T CONTAIN any QSeven® module, which has to be purchased separately.

    Informations supplémentaires

    Informations complémentaires

    Interfaces vidéo
    VGA DB-15HD + DVI-D Single Link connector

    LVDS LCD and Backlight connector, with voltage selection

    Video Camera Interface, NTSC/PAL/SECAM video decoder integrated
    Résolution vidéo
    Stockage de masse
    2 x S-ATA connectors
    Hard Disk Power Connector
    2 x SD/MMC slots
    SDI/O Internal Header
    Gigabit Ethernet Interface
    6 x USB 2.0 standard “A” connector
    USB Client connector
    1 x PCI Express x 1 Slot
    miniPCI express Slot
    Triple Audio Jack

    2 x S/P-DIF connectors (In & Out)

    AC’97 and HD Audio Codecs integrated, jumper selectable

    Direct Digital Audio Interface
    Ports série
    4 x Serial Ports (2 x DB-9 standard RS-232, 2 x TTL interface)
    Autres interfaces
    1 x CAN Interface

    4 x GPI/O

    3x 4 / 5 Wire T/S interfaces (I2C, SPI and USB controller directly onboard)

    Internal FPGA, with possibility of defining up to 64 User I/O’s

    JTAG connection

    LPC Bus interface

    SPI interface

    I2C applications included: EEPROM, Light Sensor, I/O Extender,

    SIM Card slot

    A/D Converter

    FAN: 3 pin Header, +5/+12V configurable with Tachometric signal
    Alimentation électrique
    +5VDC/+12VDC for Desktop application, +19VDC for Notebook-like application

    Smart Battery Management

    Li-ION Single Cell Battery Management
    Système d'exploitation
    Température d'exploitation
    Operating: 0° … +60°C
    Storage: -20° … +80°C
    270 x 170 mm (10,63” x 6,69”)

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    Cross Platform Development Kit

    Cross Platform Development Kit

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      Support technique fourni exclusivement pour les entreprises
    The complete solutions to start developing with x86 and ARM Qseven modules
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