Two years after the stunning Kickstarter success of UDOO X86 the UDOO Team is back in the game with the UDOO BOLT, a mind-blowing open-source hardware maker board that, according to Maurizio Caporali, Product Manager at UDOO, is almost twice as powerful as the MacBook Pro 13” for a starting price as little as $229. “The UDOO BOLT is not the average maker board: it is a new kind of device.” says Caporali. “It represents the highest level of graphics, processing power and flexibility in the field of maker boards. The UDOO BOLT comes with four video ports! - two USB-C and two HDMI 2.0, which, by the way, are FCC- and CE-certified - and, thanks to its jaw-dropping GPU, can stream a video in 4K resolution at 60fps on four screens at the same time.
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As a desktop computer it runs any operating system or program for 64-bit PCs; as a mobile device it’s portable (12 cm x 12 cm, i.e. 4.72” x 4.72”); as previous UDOO boards it features an Arduino-compatible platform and a slew of IOs for rapid prototyping. But the power, oh! That’s unmatched for a maker board. Video analysis has never been that easy!
And the power truly is astonishing. Thanks to the brand-new AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SoC, which integrates the transformative AMD “Zen” CPU architecture with the powerhouse AMD “Vega” GPU architecture on a single die, the UDOO BOLT hits a top speed of 3.6 GHz and it’s able to handle any AAA game currently on the market. And all of this while maintaining a thermal design power of just 12-25W, a bare fraction of what you can find in desktop computers with a comparable CPU clock.
“We are thrilled to support UDOO BOLT and the dynamic marker market with our transformative AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 processors that deliver stunning graphics and exceptional compute capabilities,” said Stephen Turnbull, director of product marketing, Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Business Group, AMD. “SECO is a longstanding AMD Embedded partner with a clear vision for the future of computing, and we are excited to see how developers leverage the innovative UDOO BOLT platform and take artificial intelligence, VR and more to the next level.”
But what to do with so much power at disposal? “We designed the UDOO BOLT for the new generation of makers.” says Daniele Conti, Hardware Design Leader of UDOO and CEO of SECO, manufacturer of the board. “Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Computer Vision - these are not sci-fi dreams anymore, but actual possibilities that, with the UDOO BOLT, we are making accessible for any geek out there.”
“Artificial Intelligence is, together with IoT, one of the transformative technologies of our times” adds Antonio Rizzo, Scientific Coordinator of the UDOO project. “We’re just at the verge of a paradigm shift so profound that can only be compared with the advent of electricity. With the UDOO BOLT everybody has a chance to take part to this revolution without the need for an industrial computer.”
The UDOO BOLT is AI-first, but Artificial Intelligence is not just about power. The UDOO BOLT also features the revolutionary AMD SenseMI Technology for true machine intelligence, a set of learning and adapting features that helps the processor tune its performance, optimize the energy-efficiency and raise the clockspeed when needed.
But such a groundbreaking maker board has many other aces up its sleeves. The many IOs allow not just to control the Arduino platform but also the CPU: physical computing has never been so easy. Furthermore, the maker board embeds Grove connectors for endless opportunities of tinkering. Speaking of the storage, countless are the options: from the 32 GB eMMC to the M2 Slot for fast SSDs and NVMe SSDs. Boot from everywhere is also a thing.
The UDOO BOLT has unexpected surprises even for the hardcore gamers who, for a record-breaking price, not only can get their hands on a miracle PC, but also experiment with Do-It-Yourself VR and, by exploiting the microcontroller and the keyboard scan onboard, build their own custom gaming console with combo custom controllers. Not to mention the support for high-dynamic-range imaging (HDR) and Radeon FreeSync™ 2 technology  for the most impressive experience. And if it weren't enough, the more demanding players may add a 4 lanes-compatible external GPU for an additional power boost.
The UDOO BOLT is already available on Kickstarter: hurry up!
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