On 14-17 May 2018, SECO will take part to Intel® Partner Connect, an invite-only, premier-partner event by Intel® to be held at the Prague Congress Center in Prague, Czech Republic. The event will be a wonderful opportunity for the participants to engage in a profound conversation around the future of technology, especially as regards the fields of Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Digital Transformation, Storage, Cloud, and Gaming. Several Intel® senior engineers, together with industry visionaries and innovators, will lead the discussion, with plenty of technical sessions and business strategy keynotes. Also, attendees will have many chances to talk directly with Intel® experts, so to ask questions as well as to share ideas, business practices and feedback. Furthermore, in the afternoon partners will showcase their solutions and connect face-to-face with other industrial shareholders.

In this regard, SECO will present a small set of its cutting-edge standard modules and single-board computers built upon a variety of form factors - namely, COM Express™, Qseven® and embedded NUC™.

As regards the COM Express™, the solution that SECO will showcase is COMe-C08-BT6, a COM Express™ 3.0 Basic Type 6 Module with the Intel® 8th Generation Core™ i7 / i5 / Xeon® Processors (formerly Coffee Lake H). With Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology granting an outstanding CPU performance - nothing short than 12 threads - combined with the Intel® Gen9 LP graphic core architecture for maximum resolution and multimedia effectiveness, the COMe-C08-BT6 is the ideal computer for gaming, digital signage, HMI, and infotainment. Speaking instead of modules based on the Qseven® form factor, SECO has chosen Q7-B03 as a representative solution - a Qseven® Rel. 2.1 compliant module with the Intel® Atom™ E39xx family, Intel® Celeron® N3350 and Intel® Pentium® N4200 (formerly codename Apollo Lake) SoCs. Characterized for great power and flexibility, the Q7-B03 puts together high-end graphics capabilities - 4K HW video decoding and encoding - with remarkable power efficiency, not to mention all the possibilities ensured by its wide connectivity and the support for the most popular operating system, all of which makes it perfect for low-power consumption embedded applications. Finally, as representative of SECO’s embedded NUC™ solution there will be the SBC-B68-eNUC, an SBC with the Intel® Atom™ E39xx family, Intel® Celeron® N3350 and Intel® Pentium® N4200 (formerly codename Apollo Lake) SoCs. Thanks to Intel® Atom™ processor E3900 series, which constitutes a 30 percent increase in terms of CPU and GPU performance compared to Braswell, the SBC-B68-eNUC is characterised by an excellent compute per watt ratio. Featuring the Intel® TCC Technology, short for Intel® Time Coordinated Computing Technology, it can synchronise operations of automated machines and networks in less than a microsecond, granting in this manner a top-notch improvement in real-time deterministic behaviour and reliability. All things considered, SBC-B68-eNUC is excellent for HMI, multimedia devices, Industrial IoT and Industrial automation.

For further information: marcom@seco.com