From 29th to 31st October 2019 SECO is exhibiting at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, one of the top IoT events in the world. Since its first edition, the IoT Solutions World Congress has become the global reference for Industrial IoT, connecting IoT providers with industry and illustrating how IoT solutions are impacting today’s and tomorrow’s industries.

SECO, a renowned industrial group in the field of embedded electronics, is attending for the first time with its IoT Business Unit, showing its innovative one-stop IoT solution: the Edgehog platform. This new jewel in the crown of SECO integrates hardware and software, is able to connect to the factory’s smart devices – integrating with both ARM-based and x86-based embedded boards – collecting and processing incoming data about the industrial cycle in real-time. This enables advanced services as remote control, quick campaign updates and real-time configuration of the factory devices, big data analysis and predictive maintenance. Furthermore, operating systems and software updates released over-the-air by SECO ensure that the Edgehog platform is always updated.

SECO’s Edgehog platform strength certainly is its interoperability: this IIoT platform connects to any cloud, regardless of the service provider, as well as to any technology, PLC and industrial system already present in the smart factory.  Additionally, the Edgehog platform can be installed on both Linux and Windows environments and it uses next-generation software technologies aiming at managing and improving industrial processes.

For the future, SECO’s purpose is to make the Edgehog platform the set up for a specific vertical markets-based IIoT solutions, developing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms focused on different industrial needs and use cases.

Through Edgehog platform support, SECO creates an innovative business model transforming the product into a service and helps its customers becoming market leaders in the Industrial IoT sector. 

For the very first time, SECO is happy to welcome visitors attending the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona to Hall 2, booth B293.

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