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"There's no progress without innovation, and no innovation without creativity and imagination: curiosity and fantasy favor the birth of new ideas and guide mankind towards new horizons".

New horizons are what SECO seeks and aims for every day, as it develops new embedded solutions with strong added value.

Since its beginnings the company has always chosen to make creativity and innovation its prime assets and the foundation on which to build its competitive strength. Over the years, this has made it possible to build up a highly specialized expertise, to such an extent that the company has become one of the world's leading reference companies in the embedded electronics segment.

From birth of concept to design of hardware, software and mechanics, from project engineering to mass-production and final testing procedures: SECO offers its clients a complete service and products that have applications in numerous different sectors, ranging from industrial automation to the field of medicine, automotive vehicles, transport, telecommunications and infotainment.
The constant quest for innovative solutions capable of satisfying a continuously evolving market has led SECO to establish fruitful collaborative relations and partnerships with leader companies at an international level.

In the world of embedded electronics, where available solutions frequently comply with rigid manufacturing standards, SECO has chosen to differentiate itself by offering its customers solutions which – while remaining in the ambit of standard products – have the ability to integrate perfectly with their end products and therefore to evolve according to the way the products evolve.

This choice quickly became the specific added value offered by the company's embedded solutions: its control of the entire production cycle – from concept development to design of hardware, software and mechanics, and from project engineering to mass-production and final testing procedure and delivery – makes it possible to quickly and efficiently satisfy the customer's every request.

This is why product development begins with an in-depth study and analysis of the client's needs: this is what enables SECO to conceive the right idea and develop prototypes for testing and debugging before proceeding to the full manufacturing phase.

Because its design and manufacturing processes are internal, the company can ensure its clients specific technical support not only in the product manufacturing phase but also subsequently, thanks to an efficient post sales service, thus establishing itself as a dependable technological reference partner.

Commitment to R&D means looking to the future and learning from the past: this is the best way to maintain competitiveness in the present.

It takes curiosity, imagination, experience and deep-rooted team spirit.
The conception of state-of-the-art products and solutions derives from the continuous exchange of stimulation and innovative ideas.
This is why SECO has chosen to invest in partnerships with global leaders in technology and renowned university research centers, in order to be able always to offer its clients the most innovative cutting-edge solutions.

Collaboration as a way of meeting new market challenges: in 2007, SECO's deep commitment to innovation, research and development led it to co-found the CUBIT Consortium, in partnership with the University of Pisa and the Navacchio Technological Hub.
CUBIT is a dimension where the academic and entrepreneurial worlds meet and interact in synergy, embodying a new model of collaboration aimed at accelerating overall production process in the telecommunications sector.



SECO: a team of highly qualified professionals

Not only collaboration with the best partners... SECO's own personnel is highly qualified and strongly profiled.
A constantly growing team of top level specialized technicians work together in the R&D department and its support functions, as well as technical experts in the production area: human resources that represent a large investment, but also a priceless reservoir of experience, talent and professionalism.

From the concept to its creation, to its production, to its commercialization and after-sales care... every SECO product is the fruit of hard work and collaboration between the company's different departments.
SECO has always considered its human capital as being fundamental to the company's growth
Its collaboration with carefully selected and highly qualified professionals has played a key role in the company's success in growing and consolidating itself over time, and in achieving outstanding technological and financial results.

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