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Every single day our passion and creativity goes into making small things... destined to move big things

Moving against the tide of manufacturing relocation typical of many industrial companies, SECO has consistently believed in keeping its productive activities in-house. This offers powerful competitive advantages and opportunities, which in such a high-tech sector constitute a unique and indispensable heritage, especially when applied to product conception and production.

In other words, SECO's competitive advantage stems above all from its decision to directly control the entire productive process behind its embedded solutions, from concept creation to design of hardware, software and mechanical parts, and on to project engineering and final testing procedures, always offering its customers top-of-class avant-garde products.

Continuous technological updating of its SMT production line, its automatic optical inspection (AOI) and X-ray line inspection systems, the flying probe and jtag units for capillary checking of every production batch, plus the total quality traceability process applied to raw materials and finished products, the handling of obsolescence and hardware/software technical assistance... all these are part of the strategy of intense continuous investment which over time guarantees reliable cutting-edge high quality high-performance products.

A further added value plus comes with the service of assembly and installation of the electronic device in the customer's mechanical device, thus offering a finished or semi-finished product that is easily integrated with the end product.

A delicate, complex, invisible achievement...creating value

The production lines handle roughly 100K components per hour (round the clock), for a total of 530 million components a year. 

These production figures take into account the company's ability to develop prototypes, which generally tends to slow down the production line and so reduce total output.


Conformity with the ROHS directive: SECO's environmental commitment

SECO's environmental awareness dates all the way back to the company's launch in 1979, and has since grown and deepened in step with the increase in its productive capacity and the services it offers its clients

The environmental impact of the group's companies has been minimized through a corporate policy involving ecological prudence in every aspect: from the choice of construction materials in new buildings to disposal and recycling of waste and manufacturing materials.

SECO has made its manufacturing process the focus of its environmental attention, developing and carrying out constant checks in every manufacturing phase.
With the implementation of the ROHS Directive (ex Directive 2002/95/EC on the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment, introduced in 2004, in force from 1° July 2006 and recently substituted by 2011/65/CE, the so-called ROHS2), SECO introduced a product/process control system which spreads beyond company confines in two ways:

  • by checking its suppliers;
  • by employing outside specialist laboratories to carry out tests and analyses to verify ROHS compliance.

All SECO's standard products fully comply with these regulations.

Thanks to the way its production is organized, SECO can also guarantee its compliance with similar international legislation restricting hazardous substances, such as, for example: RoHs China, RoHs Korea, RoHs India, RoHs Taiwan and so on.

Conformity with RoHs-type regulations is visibly demonstrated by:

  • the CE trademark, for CE products, as laid down by ROHS2;
  • for semi-finished products and cards, by issuing ad hoc analysis certificates drawn up according to the client company's requirements.

A highly qualified team, made up of personnel who have dealt with quality, technical and legal aspects for many years, is available for any kind of customer consultancy required in this respect.


Responsible Sourcing

For more than thirty years SECO and its affiliates, has built a legacy of operating and sourcing in an ethically and socially responsible manner. SECO is committed to ensuring these principles are honored in all of our business decisions.

For this reason, SECO recognizes and ensures the implementation of all national and international regulations concerning sustainability and human rights.

SECO is dedicated to preventing the sale of its products at the expense of people, cultures or the environment, through the qualification of the leading suppliers and the information about the international regulations and new need of sustainability.

SECO is committed to sourcing products to companies that share principles of environmental protection, human rights, ethics, and social correctness.


Dodd-Frank Act

The USA enacted  the Conflict  Minerals provisions of  the Dodd – Frank Street Reform and Customer Protection Act. Its goals are eliminating the illegal trade of gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten (Conflict Minerals) and cutting the funding of armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its neighboring countries.

SECO recognizes in the Dodd Frank ACT an environmental and ethical policy, whose implementation is necessary for the survival of the planet and  the respect of human dignity.


Our Commitment

1. Support the aims and objectives of the sustainability regulations and laws including the Dodd Frank Act.
2. Do not knowingly or willingly procure materials by companies that not apply these principles.
3. Qualify our Suppliers. We are committed to working with our supply chain to increase transparency regarding the traceability of minerals contained in the supplied products and to increase the awareness of the sustainability problems in some areas.
4. Take appropriate actions in the event that suppliers not apply sustainability policy.

Additional Information

Questions regarding SECO’s Conflict Minerals Policy and Compliance program can be sent to our contact form.



Reliable and safe embedded solutions

In-house manufacturing process in conformity with ROHS regulations and not only; the high quality and reliability of SECO’s products are guaranteed by each manufacturing unit through standard industry certifications, including UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2012.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
Quality management systems


UNI EN ISO 13485:2012
Quality management systems in the field of medical equipment



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