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SECO Mind Vision

"Our vision is to augment the abilities of machines and people by using AI everywhere computing takes place"



Ajay Malik, CEO SECO Mind USA

SECO Mind Vision

"Our vision is to augment the abilities of machines and people by using AI everywhere computing takes place"



Ajay Malik, CEO SECO Mind USA

We're a team of scientists, machine learning experts, data fanatics, engineers, and more, working together to help businesses rethink possible.

AI Capabilities

Thought Leadership

AI/IoT Cloud

With Clea Platform

AI Capabilities


Data annotation/cleaning, Feature engineering, Model development,  Model Ops, Model life cycle management. CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASICs hardware selection. 

Detection, identification, recognition

Object identification, Pattern recognition and Anomaly detection. Facial recognition, Gesture recognition, Drone detection, and more.


Machine learning for personalization and profiling - understanding a person as a unique individual (Internet of Behaviors)

Explainable AI

Explanations make AI - fair, robust, certifiable, ethical, privacy-preserving, and human interpretable. It also helps to improve and control AI.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing, speech recognition, text generation, sentiment


Descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis.

AI Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance can drastically reduce unplanned downtime, and practically eliminate maintenance overspend in almost any company whether in manufacturing, healthcare, cloud software, aerospace, or more.

Personalized Digital Experiences

Modern customers expect to be treated as individuals. 91% of consumers prefer brands that “recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations”. Hyper personalization is the use of customer data to provide personalized experiences in customer’s online and in-person engagements.

Augmented Driving

Edge AI to analyze what's going on inside the car – the driver, the occupants and the cabin. Collision avoidance, occupant comfort, safety, and more.

User Network Experience Optimization

Fundamental challenge in a wireless network is to manage and allocate resources to meet user centric traffic demands under difficult constraints. Today, optimization relies on engineering knowledge and manual processing and analysis. AI can help with automated closed loop optimizations at runtime.

Virtual Assistants

Scale your business, provide great customer experience, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by adding a virtual assistant with AI for your products, 

IoT Device Data Analytics

ML techniques, statistical models and deep learning can be used for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis.

SECO Mind Solution


CLEA is a full-fledged AI/IoT platform designed to turn field data into actionable and measurable insights. It is provided as a single, one-stop solution that comes natively integrated with all SECO hardware.






Similar to embedded computing and IoT, AI requires optimization for the specific application. CLEA also includes an artificial intelligence and data orchestration tool suite. While there are a handful of companies globally that offer embedded and IoT expertise, SECO is the leader in offering all three (embedded, IoT and AI) in an all-in-one solution.


Adding embedded AI to the equation exponentially increases the value the SECO all-in-one solutions. Like the IoT portion of CLEA, the AI tool suite is backed by a global team of SECO developers to optimize these capabilities for each customer.

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Our Primary Markets

Why Choosing SECO Mind

In 1982 the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT) started with the advent of “smart devices.” Then around 2008, IoT was introduced for machine - machine communications.


Embedded computer companies quickly realized that to maximize the value they provide their customers, they need to tightly integrate IoT with their embedded computer portfolios. Additionally, they found mainstream consumer connectivity couldn’t simply be applied to the embedded world as-is.


IoT communications and capabilities require a number of specialized technologies within embedded devices. These capabilities include:

  • over the air updates
  • remote device management
  • predictive diagnostics through strategically implemented on-device sensors
  • environmentally sound enclosures.

Moving machine learning, data processing and decision making to the edge minimizes response times in critical applications and the amount of data ultimately transmitted via the IoT.


There is a business model benefit associated with SECO providing a complete IoT, AI and embedded solution.


Since SECO realizes recurring revenue streams from its customers, it doesn’t need to try and make all of its revenue and profit on the front-end engineering services. This model means that a significant portion of SECO’s financial success is tied to the customer’s financial success – both parties are in complete alignment.


Knowing how critical all-in-one embedded, IoT and AI solutions are to our customer’s business, SECO has also made the necessary investments to ensure 24x7 coverage anywhere in the world as part of its SECO Care initiative.


Find out how SECO can enable your business with a complete IoT/AI embedded solution which minimizes development costs, quickens time to deployment, maximizes reliability, and lowers total cost of ownership.


Of customer interactions will be powered/monitored by AI by 2025.

$15 trillion

Is what the AI industry could be worth by 2030 (PwC), $190 billion by 2025


Of all enterprise workloads will be deployed in cloud by 2023, up from 20% in 2020.

How is AI used in industries?

AI replaces traditional practices with next-generation solutions to accelerate business in transitioning to a data-driven approach. AI crunches data by identifying trends and patterns, turning it into actionable insights and business-critical information. AI improves efficiency, automates daily workflows, and provides a reliable source of information to assist decision makers.

How is AI used in Predictive Mainteinance?

AI is employed in industrial machinery to optimize the operation of devices and services they provide, and predict breakage before they happen. Artificial Intelligence applications allow to save money by preventing downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve the ROI of each device.

What is IIoT for OEMs?

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an ecosystem of machines capable of communicating with each other, digitising physical assets and enabling new functionalities. It makes it possible to constantly check the status of devices, increase their energy efficiency, update them remotely and collect valuable data. This information can be used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to enhance existing opportunities and business models and to generate new ones.


What is Edge Computing?

With Edge computing, part of the data and the services are not managed in the cloud or a remote server, but locally, increasing security and privacy allowing for some crucial data to be stored closer to the edge. This allows to reduce latency, due to the data being processed directly on the device ensuring an accelerated performance experience. This will make real-time applications operate more efficiently.

Why do you need a Data Orchestration solution?

The data collected are plentiful and raw. They need to be collected and processed correctly to extract actionable insights.
Data orchestration is the automated process of handling data coming from different sources that are stored in the cloud. It’s a process that involves preparing, making decisions and taking actions based on a data-driven approach.

How can connected devices be managed remotely?

Per le aziende è fondamentale gestire efficacemente la propria flotta di dispositivi connessi ad internet, e utilizzare un device manager online è il modo migliore di farlo. Il Device management permette di avere tutti i tuoi dispositivi sotto controllo, monitorando, aggiornando e proteggendo i tuoi prodotti. Indipendentemente dalla sua collocazione, ogni dispositivo può essere aggiornato da remoto grazie alla tecnologia OTA (Over the Air).

What is an IoT Cloud Platform?

The Cloud is a centralized server, accessible globally on demand, containing computer resources. Through Cloud Computing, the large internet data packages generated by IoT travel easily and are stored in the Cloud. 


Cloud computing allows to make use of software and hardware resources available elsewhere through a remote server. It also allows to access data from any device that is capable of connecting to the Cloud. 

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