A commitment to train tomorrow's professionals

Belief in the potential of a younger generation, plus investment and action to help encourage and fulfill it, thus enabling the formation of qualified professional specialists able to steer technological progress towards the future: this is the latest challenge which SECO has taken on, launching a new educational initiative.

SECO's relations with the academic world have generated an ambitious project envisaging close collaboration with Universities, Research Institutes and High Schools, aimed at firing the enthusiasm of the young for electronics.

In a world where new technologies are destined to play an increasingly important role in everyday life, schools and training centers cannot but accept the responsibility of providing tomorrow's professionals with technological expertise.

Awareness of this responsibility lies at the heart of SECO's decision to place its own experience and professionalism at the service of students and enthusiasts of electronics. The aim is to create a community capable of evolving in response to the challenges posed by new technologies.

A significant goal, both long-sighted and concrete: a commitment to assist the growth of tomorrow's technicians and engineers.

Train on our most innovative solutions:
software development platforms and open source hardware
and join in on the excellence of the embedded world.


COM Express™ Type 6 Cross Platform Development Kit

Development Kit compatible with both x86 and ARM COM Express™ Type 6 modules




• CCOMe-965 carrier board

• HDMI Cable High-Speed 19p to 19p 1m

• DP Cable 1m
COM Express™ Type 6 module not included. Must be purchased separately.


All-you-need mini PC Android + Linux + Arduino

UDOO: a development platform, a project which opens the doors of education and training

UDOO is a project generated by the combined efforts of SECO USA and Aidilab, together with the collaboration of researchers and professionals in the field of interaction design, embedded electronics and cognitive sciences.

"UDOO takes your DIY projects to the next level, It’s a powerful tool for education and creativity."






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