Cross Platform Development Kit compatible with both x86 and Arm COM Express™ Type 7 modules.

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Technical Info

  • Description
    The Development Kit contains the following material: - CCOMe-C79 Carrier Board - GPIO Header adapter cable (Free wires on one extremity) - 2x Serial Adapter Cables - 1x SATA cable - Front Panel module V995 with connecting cables - Standard OCP module (10GBE) Module not included. Must be purchased separately
  • Mass Storage

    2x SATA 7p M connectors
    µSD Card slot (interface multiplexed with GPIO header)

  • Networking

    1x GbEthernet RJ-45 connector 4x 10Gbase-KR interfaces on OCP Type-C connector 4x MDIO I2C interfaces on internal pin header 4x SDP interfaces on SMA RF connectors

  • USB

    4x USB 3.1 Host ports on Dual Type-A sockets

  • Serial Ports

    2 x RS-232 ports on dedicated pin header (from module)

  • Other Interfaces

    BMC connector with SM Bus, I2C, LPC, 1x USB 2.0, 1x PCI-e x1, NCSI signals

    4 x GPI + 4 x GPO pin header (interface multiplexed with µSD slot)

    SPI Flash Socket

    Button / LEDs front panel header

    4-pin tachometric FAN connector

    I2C + SM Bus on feature Pin header

    I2C Flash Socket

    SM Bus Smart Battery Connector

    4 x 7-segment LCD displays for POST codes

    LPC/eSPI internal header


  • Power Supply

    ATX 24 poles connector for carrier board working only

    Auxiliary 12V connector  for carrier board working only

    12 VDC power in connector for COM Express module’s working

    Cabled Coin-cell connector for RTC

  • Operating Temperature

    0° ÷ +60°C (commercial version)

    *All carrier board components must remain within the operating temperature at any and all times, including start-up; carrier operating temperature is independent of the module installed. Please refer to the specific module for more details. Actual temperature will widely depend on application, enclosure and/or environment. Upon customer to consider specific cooling solutions for the final system.

  • Dimensions
    305x244 mm (ATX form factor, 12" x 9.6")

Part Number

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