Creating a future based on sustainable technologies drives the SECO Group on a daily basis.

Our Commitment

Passion, innovation, and know-how lie at the foundation of SECO’s activities on a daily basis. The value individuals, with the recognition of diversity as a precious resource, is one of our cornerstones.

SECO believes that competence and trust form the basis for all healthy personal and professional relationships. For this reason it attributes the greatest importance to on-time deliveries, product quality, and customer service.


Ethical Code and the Fight against Corruption


Since its foundation in 1979, SECO has shaped its own operations and those of its affiliates around the respect of the principles of sustainability. The Group is continually committed to guaranteeing that these premises play a preeminent role in all of the company’s decision and operations.

It is this sensibility that has led SECO to recognize all national and international norms concerning sustainability and human rights, with the aim of guaranteeing that its operations, even indirectly, do not violate humane, ethical, or cultural values, or harm the environment.

This objective is also achieved through the training and sensitization of its leading suppliers in issues related to the implementation of processes capable of guaranteeing the sustainability of the value chain.

SECO has thus assembled a network of companies that embrace the principles of environmental protection, human rights, ethics, and social justice.

The principles of honesty, transparency, and correctness in administrative management and company behavior more generally have always been cornerstones of SECO’s approach, in every context both internally and externally. These principles were included in the group’s Organizational Model in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree n. 231 of June 8, 2001. An integral part of this document is the “Ethical Code” that defines the principles and behavior that SECO promotes, and those against which it fights.


Our Commitment to Digitalization and Waste Reduction


Our productive strategy is founded on the concept of “lean manufacturing” and is constantly geared toward the automation of our industrial processes, with the goal of improving efficiency and creating greater value for our customers by accelerating their digital transformation. Thanks to the fact that we have kept our production in-house, SECO has full control over the manufacturing of its products, enabling us to make constant improvements and continually raise the bar.

SECO also adopts a “Total Quality” approach in its processes, to ensure the effective traceability of its raw materials and end products in obsolescence management and hardware and software technical support.

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