Values, Identity and Mission

For over 40 years, the SECO Group has been guided by a curiosity for tomorrow, a thirst for exploration, and the desire to offer the best to its customers.

Our Vision

The spread of digital technologies is defining a new reality: the age of interconnected objects, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. The ever-increasing number of “smart” devices, capable of processing data at the source (Edge Computing) and connected via the internet to each other and to the cloud, opens the door to the creation of new business models, creating enormous development opportunities and improving people’s safety and quality of life. 

Using pioneering digital technologies, SECO creates solutions that increase its customers’ ability to create value, with increasingly interconnected IoT-ready objects capable of transferring information through the use of artificial intelligence and cloud services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer services and products that have great added value, a high level of integration, and are tailor-made. We work to increase our customers’ competitive advantage through innovative digital technologies, cloud services and artificial intelligence. Moreover we facilitate an efficient cost optimization and the reduction of time-to-market for every solution, with a dedicated approach that supports customers at every stage of the project.

Our Commitment

Respect for Colleagues

We believe in the value of diversity, and in getting the most out of each individual’s uniqueness.


We are committed to knowing and applying the SECO standards of excellence. 

Communicating with a Smile

We express passion, motivation, and enthusiasm, and always show respect for those with whom we are communicating.

Respect for the Environment by Example

We respect the environment, setting a good example with even the smallest daily gestures.


We achieve success thanks to the people who work alongside us every day.


We try to anticipate customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.


Our shareholders’ contribution in defining strategy and making key decisions aims to bring about a constant improvement in the Group’s results in the economic, environmental, and social realms.

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