Vending is a rapidly growing sector requiring constant innovation due to the demand for increasingly intuitive interfaces and latest-generation payment systems. The challenge for its numerous applications is to provide continuous, 24/7 service under any conditions.

Full-Service Approach

SECO provides comprehensive support: from the custom hardware design (through the management of platforms with extended life cycles and performance-energy efficiency scalability), software, and system integration and system assembling services (including custom HMI), as well as the integration of UX design and envisioning process solutions.

Asset Management in the Field

Thanks to the integration of the IoT platform EDGEHOG, we can give your product access to a variety of added-value services and applications.

Technologies Used

Embedded Panel with 10.1” LCD display based on the Multicore NXP i.MX 6 SoC family
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Clea is SECO’s suite solution for the remote management of edge devices, of data generated in the field, and its aggregation in the cloud to support business analytics. With Clea, you will have everything you need to enable your custom IoT solution: dedicated hardware, connectivity, a platform, telemetry, data management, analytics, and consulting.


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