The oil and gas industry requires highly specialized know-how and product engineering capability, due to the complexity and diversity of a field comprised mainly of legacy, non-interoperable technologies, and the need to conform with ATEX directives. The challenges of the future demand a new approach: the boundless innovative potential of IoT combined with the heterogeneous, multi-protocol architectures of OT, capable of ensuring a continuous high-speed data flow between the multiple devices and sensors present at both extraction sites and operational plants.

Increasingly Innovative Services

SECO can provide all the necessary tools, including clear, well-defined KPIs, for creating truly cutting-edge services in an increasingly digital world. All thanks to an IIoT platform that system management and updating both on-site and remotely.

Lower Operational Costs

Through the solutions developed with SECO, customers can improve the management, control, and monitoring of their machinery. The result is an increased equipment safety and lower operational costs and risk. 

Computing Power and Insight

SECO solutions’ reliability and long-term reproducibility, as well as their extended industrial temperature range, make them ideal for typically outdoor applications. Additionally, the computing power of the EDGEHOG IIoT platform allows for the aggregation and processing of large amounts of data, even from different facilities, with the goal of deriving precious insights and creating correlations between data with different communications protocols.

Technologies Used

[Picture] μQ7-962_front
μQseven® standard module with NXP i.MX 6 Processor
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