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Pizzarotti and SECO’s PMS platform selected in the project for the railway bypass and the High Speed train station of Florence

Pizzarotti and SECO

Parma/Arezzo, December 1, 2022 – The AI platform Pizzarotti Monitoring System (PMS) for the monitoring and management of construction sites, infrastructures and smart buildings, born from the partnership started in 2022 by Pizzarotti and SECO, will be used in the project, worth over one billion euro, assigned to Pizzarotti and Saipem for the construction of the railway bypass and the new High Speed train station of Florence.


The infrastructure will unfold for around 7 kilometers through two underground tunnels, with the new Firenze Belfiore High Speed train station to be located along it. In this project, assigned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana to a consortium made by Pizzarotti and Saipem, the PMS solution is dedicated to the monitoring of the on-surface and underground construction sites, as well as the management of the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) equipment for the automation of the digging operations.


The AI functionalities offered by PMS are made available by the CLEA platform developed by SECO: artificial intelligence and machine learning models will be applied to the data generated on the construction site, using geotechnical and engineering methods to support the professionals involved in the operations management. This will allow to optimize the whole process by automating processes, reducing costs and monitoring the risk factors to increase the level of safety of each activity.


In addition, the soil composition analysis, together with the data real-time elaboration, will enable to timely identify, through dedicated predictive models, the presence of any obstacle in the digging phase. The elaboration of this information allows to adopt preventive measures during the operations, improving their planning process and optimizing the execution phase.


“The great project of the Florence railway bypass will be the application field for the powerful monitoring platform born from the solid partnership between Pizzarotti and SECO. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time analysis and digital modelling are the key pillars of the new smart infrastructures”, said Carlo Luzzatto, CEO di Impresa Pizzarotti.


“The smart infrastructures world is in strong expansion, and this project represents an important result of the work that Pizzarotti and SECO have been doing together in these months. We are very happy to partner with Pizzarotti in the realization of this project that sees the application of PMS, thanks to which we can contribute in making the construction and maintenance of infrastructures and buildings safer and more efficient”, said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.

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