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Itema Group imagines a smart future for weaving in partnership with SECO

A major innovation in the textile machinery industry: using artificial intelligence for advanced machine management protocols based on digital twins developed through CLEA. The announcement at ITMA 2023.


Colzate/Arezzo, June 5, 2023 – Itema Group, leading manufacturer of weaving solutions, unveils at ITMA 2023, the world’s main exhibition for textile machinery industry, a preview of its plans to launch an innovative as-a-service solution, developed in partnership with SECO, aimed at introducing a set of value-added services based on artificial intelligence and dedicated to the textile industry.


“We look towards a future that is already here, made of technology and data. Digital technologies are enabling tools that can improve human-machine interaction and optimize productivity and performance. A weaving machine is a complex equipment that combines mechanical, electronic, and textile principles. Having this in mind, the digitalization and design of new software solutions are essential to bring useful innovation for both the weaver and the entrepreneur, through processes streamlining and optimization that would otherwise be complex and time-consuming. Creating synergies with an excellence in the software world such as SECO is the key for Itema to start a sharing of experience, knowledge, and ideas that can lead to valuable contaminations for our customers”, said Ugo Ghilardi, CEO of Itema Group.


“More and more companies are beginning to perceive the potential of digital technologies and artificial intelligence as tools to deploy high value-added functionalities along their value chain: we are glad to support a cutting-edge company like Itema, providing them with solutions to differentiate their offering by introducing AI-powered services into their business model”, said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.


Download the full pdf.

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