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Heat Sinks (Active) for Qseven & µQseven modules

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Heat Sinks (Active) for Qseven & µQseven modules

Highly integrated modules offer very high performance within small dimensions. On the other hand, the miniaturization of ICs and the high operating frequencies of the processors lead to high heat generation that must be dissipated in order to maintain the CPU within its allowed temperature range.

The operating temperature specified in the Technical Features of the module indicates the temperature range in which any and all parts of the heat spreader / heat sink must remain, in order for SECO to guarantee functionality. Hence, these numbers do not necessarily indicate the suitable environmental temperature.

It is the customer’s responsibility to design and apply an application-dependent cooling system, capable of ensuring that the heat spreader / heat sink temperature remain within the indicated range of the module.

It is an absolute requirement that the customer, after thorough evaluation of the processor’s workload in the actual system application, the system enclosure and consequent air flow/Thermal analysis, accurately study and develop a suitable cooling solution for the assembled system.

Business-to-business onlySampling priceContact SECO

P/N Description Configuration
QA36-DISS-3-PK Q7 HEAT SINK ACTIVE Q7-974 & Q7-A36 Heat Sink (ACTIVE) Packaged
QB03-DISS-3-I-PK Q7 HEAT SINK ACTIVE Q7 - Q7-B03 Heat Sink (ACTIVE) for Atom E39xx CPUs Packaged
QA29-DISS-3-PK Q7 HEAT SINK ACTIVE Q7-A29 Heat Sink (ACTIVE) Packaged
QB03-DISS-3-C-PK Q7 HEAT SINK ACTIVE Q7 - Q7-B03 Heat Sink (ACTIVE) for Celeron / Pentium Nxxxx CPUs Packaged
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