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Qseven® Rel. 2.1 compliant module with the Intel® Atom™ E39xx family, Intel® Celeron® N3350 and Intel® Pentium® N4200 (formerly code name Apollo Lake) SoCs

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Intel® Atom™ x5-E3930 Dual Core @1.3 GHz (Burst 1.8GHz), 2MB L2 Cache, 5.5W TDP
Intel® Atom™ x5-E3940 Quad Core @1.6 GHz (Burst 1.8GHz), 2MB L2 Cache, 9W TDP
Intel® Atom™ x7-E3950 Quad Core @1.6 GHz (Burst 2.0GHz), 2MB L2 Cache, 12W TDP
Intel® Pentium® N4200 Quad Core @1.1GHz (burst 2.5GHz), 2MB L2 Cache, 6W TDP
Intel® Celeron® N3350 Dual Core @1.1GHz (burst 2.4GHz), 2MB L2 Cache, 6W TDP

Max Cores 4
Memory Dual Channel Soldered Down DDR3L-1866 memory, up to 8GB
Graphics Integrated Gen9-LP Graphics controller, with 18 Execution Units
4K HW decoding and encoding of HEVC(H.265), H.264, VP8,
Video Interfaces eDP interface or Single/Dual Channel 18/24bit LVDS interface
through eDP-to-LVDS bridge
HDMI or DP++ interface
Video Resolution
HDMI, eDP Up to 3840 x 2160 (4K)
DP++     Up to 4096 x 2160
LVDS Up to 1920 x 1200
Mass Storage 2 x external S-ATA Gen3 Channel
SD interface
Optional eMMC disc soldered onboard
Networking Gigabit Ethernet interface
Intel® I210 or I211 Controller (MAC + PHY)
USB 6 x USB 2.0 Host Ports
2 x USB 3.0 Host Ports (*)

(*) Second USB 3.0 Host port can be exploited only using
Qseven® Rel. 2.1 compliant Carrier boards
PCI-e 4 x PCI-e Root Ports (including the PCI-e port used for Gigabit
Ethernet controller)
Audio HD Audio interface
Serial Ports 1 x UART, TTL interface
Other Interfaces I2C Bus
SM Bus
SPI interface
Watch Dog Timer
Thermal / FAN management
Power Management Signals
Power Supply +5VDC and +5VSB (optional)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows 10 Enterprise (64bit)
Microsoft® Windows 10 IoT Core
Android (planning)
Operating Temperature

0°C ÷ +60°C (Commercial version)
-40°C ÷ +85°C (Industrial version)


*Measured at any point of the heatspreader/heatsink during any and all times (including start-up). Actual temperature will widely depend on application, enclosure and/or environment. Upon customer to consider specific coolingsolutions for the final system.

Dimensions 70x70 mm (2.76” x 2.76”)
DescriptionThe Q7-B03 is a Qseven® Rel. 2.1 compliant module based on the Intel® Atom™ E39xx family, Intel® Celeron® N3350 and Intel® Pentium® N4200 (formerly code name Apollo Lake) SoCs. This solution is able to merge its high graphics performance (4K HW Video both decoding and encoding) and extreme temperature with excellent power efficiency. Also featuring wide connectivity capability and support for the most popular operating systems, the Q7-B03 is particularly suitable for low power embedded applications.

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