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NVIDIA® Jetson TK1

NVIDIA® Jetson TK1 Software Developer Board

Additional Information

Processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 Mobile Processor Quad-core, 4-Plus-1™ ARM® Cortex –A15 MPCore™ processor with NEON technology
Max Cores 4
Memory 2 GB DDR3L system RAM
Graphics Low-power NVIDIA Kepler™-based GeForce® graphics processor with 192 CUDA cores
Video Interfaces Display HDMI Connector
Video Resolution

up to 3840x2160 on HDMI

Mass Storage 16 GB eMMC 4.51 storage
SATA connector
SD Card
Networking 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet
USB USB Type-A Host 3.0 Speed
Micro USB connector: Supports Recovery Mode
PCI-e Half mini-PCIe expansion slot
Audio Microphone Jack
Head phone jack
Serial Ports RS232 Serial Port (DB9)
Other Interfaces

JTAG Connector
Two I/O Expansion headers

Power Supply External 12V AC adapter
Operating System

Linux for Tegra (L4T) provides flashing utilities, bootloader, Linux kernel, Tegra hardware acceleration libraries for graphics, multimedia and compute (EGL, OpenGL-ES, GLX, OpenGL), and a reference filesystem for evaluating Linux on the Tegra platform.

Operating Temperature Min: 0 °C, Max: 50 °C
Dimensions 12,70 cm x 12,70 cm (5'' x 5'')

The NVIDIA® Jetson TK1 development kit unlocks the power of the GPU for embedded applications. Built around the revolutionary Tegra K1 SOC, it uses the same Kepler computing core designed into supercomputers around the world. It is a fully functional CUDA platform that will allow you to quickly develop and deploy compute-intensive systems for computer vision, robotics, and medicine.

NVIDIA® provides the BSP and software stack, including CUDA, OpenGL 4.4, and the NVIDIA VisionWorks toolkit. With a complete suite of development and profiling tools, out-of-the-box support for cameras and other peripherals, you have everything you need to realize the future of embedded.

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The Jetson TK1 developer board is supported through the NVIDIA Developer Zone at https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-tk1-support

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