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Carrier Board for COM-Express™ Type 6 modules on miniITX form factor

Additional Information

Video Interfaces 1 x LVDS (18 / 24 bit Single / dual channel) 34-pin connector
1 x Backlight Connector
1 x eDP connector
2 x combo DP / HDMI Connectors
1 x DP++ Connector
1 x VGA connector
8-pin socket for External DID EEPROM
PCI Express graphics (PEG) x 16 slot
Mass Storage 2 x SATA connectors
1 x mSATA Slot
Networking 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
USB 4 x USB 3.0 Host ports on Type-A sockets
2 x USB 2.0 Host ports on internal pin header
PCI-e 1 x PCI-e x4 slot, Gen2 compatible
2 x miniPCI-e slots Full / Half Size (one, combined with SIM card slot), Gen 2 compatible
Audio Internal HD Audio Codec
Triple Audio jack
S/PDIF Out 3-pin header for digital Audio
Internal pin header for audio jack/s remoting
Other Interfaces I2C EEPROM Socket
LPC Bus internal pin header
Front Panel Header
1 x 28 pin connector for additional features (I2C, ACPI signals, SMBus, Watch Dog, Thermal Management)
Internal pin header for GPIO/SD + 2 x RS-232 Serial ports (Tx/RX signals)
SIM Card slot
Tachometric FAN connector, +12VDC / +5VDC selectable
Power Supply Coin cell battery Holder for CMOS and RTC
ATX Standard power connector, 24 poles, AT configurable
+12VDC Auxiliary power connector
Operating Temperature

0°C ÷ +60°C (commercial version)


*All carrier board components must remain within the operating temperature at any and all times, including start-up; carrier operating temperature is independent of the module installed. Please refer to the specific module for more details. Actual temperature will widely depend on application, enclosure and/or environment. Upon customer to consider specific cooling solutions for the final system.

Dimensions 170 x 170 mm (6,7” x 6,7”)

The COM-Express™ Carrier Board CCOMe-965 is a full featured carrier board for COM Express™ Type 6 compliant CPU modules in mini-ITX form factor, carrying out the most common PC interfaces.
CCOMe-965 has been developed most of all as a development board to explore the possibilities offered by COM Express™ Type 6 modules, but it could also be a good solution for low volumes production for companies that do not want or need to develop customised carrier board.
CCOMe-965 offers compatibility with all COM Express Type 6 compliant modules, which can be swapped at any time, hence the term Cross Platform. The Cross Platform Philosophy also means enabling developers, through the availability of open-source schematics, design guides, BOM and debug  tools,  to design COM Express compliant carrier boards.



Windows 7
  • [Audio] - Driver version R273 *
  • [LAN] - Ethernet driver version 7076.11222013 *
Windows XP
  • [Audio] - Driver version R273 *
  • [LAN] - Ethernet driver version 5820.11222013 *
Windows 8
  • [Audio] - Driver version R273 *
  • [LAN] - Ethernet driver version 8020.11222013 *
Windows 8.1
  • [Audio] - Driver version R273 *
  • [LAN] - Ethernet driver version 8020.11222013 *

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* User need to register to site before download reserved files. Please login if you are a registered user.

P/N Description Configuration
M965-0000-0000-C0 mini ITX Carrier Board mini ITX Carrier Board for COM-Express Type 6 modules
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