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The CUDA® on ARM Development Kit | NVIDIA

Additional Information

Processor NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 ARM Cortex A9 Quad-Core
Memory CPU Memory: 2 GB
GPU Memory: 2 GB
Graphics NVIDIA® Quadro™ 1000M with 96 CUDA® Cores
Peak Performance: 270 Single Precision GFlops
CPU - GPU Interface PCIe x4 Gen1 link
Video Interfaces HDMI
Mass Storage 1x SATA 2.0 Connector
Networking 1x Gigabit Ethernet
USB 3x USB 2.0
Operating Temperature Linux Ubuntu Derivative OS
CUDA® Tool Kit

A high-performance, energy-efficient development kit featuring an NVIDIA® Tegra ® 3 ARM CPU, NVIDIA® CUDA®-enabled GPU and hardware developed by SECO.
The CUDA® on ARM DevKit, codename CARMA, is a GPU computing development kit created to support the growing demand for energy-efficient computing initiatives around the world.


  • • QuadMo747-X/T30 - Qseven 1.2 specs module, NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 with 2 GB RAM and 4GB eMMC
  • • NVIDIA® Quadro® 1000M
  • • CARMA carrier board
  • • Power supply
  • • Cable kit
Linux BSP- CUDA5
  • CUDA Toolkit*
  • CUDA Software Development Kit*
  • LINUX KERNEL source code*
  • U-BOOT source code*
  • Recompiling linux kernel and u-boot for CARMA*
  • CARMA filesystem*
  • CARMA flashing tools [1]*
  • CARMA flashing tools [2]*
  • CARMA User's guide for Boot and recovery procedures*
  • CARMA Update to CUDA5*
  • CARMA Dev Kit Quick start Guide*

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EOL Notification
Data Sheet
  • Manual SECOCQ7-MXM*
  • Manual QuadMo747-X/T30 Rev B*
  • Manual QuadMo747-X/T30 Rev C*

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Support for the CARMA KIT installation and configuration is provided via:



Support for hardware issues, if not solved via FAQ and Forum sections, is provided by SECO Help Desk by submitting a support ticket

• For support on CUDA, please visit NVIDIA’s Developers website developer.nvidia.com

• For any Linux OS related issue our advice is to refer to the howtos available online

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