System integration service for the development of advanced HMI solutions

At SECO we understand that a project is more than just an embedded board, it includes screens, peripherals, enclosure and more.

When our customers have special requirements, we have the ability to develop end-to-end custom solutions.
SECO provides project management services supporting you at every stage to achieve the best solution that will meet your needs, whether your project requires complete custom design services, component sourcing, hardware and software development, custom enclosures, product certifications, full assembly or sub-assembly. 
The experience of SECO’s R&D departments in both ARM and X86 architectures, combined with SECO Group’s 35+ years of embedded design and manufacturing know-how for various industries, allows us to offer our customers superior solutions and technical support. 
SECO Expertise: 
Hardware Engineering & Development
BIOS Engineering & Development
Drivers Engineering & Development
Software Development
Firmware Development
Mechanical Engineering & Development
Development of touch control interfaces and proximity sensing
Integration of touch panels 
Development of capacitive interfaces with the Texas Instruments’ CapTIvate® technology 

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