Every day our work involves us in enclosing in ever smaller spaces the technology indispensable to the functioning of the objects and devices which surround us.
We put all our enthusiasm and mental energy into this challenge, plus our creativity and passion for electronics, with the aim of reaching ever higher levels of quality.
A delicate, complex and invisible task which we've been passionately carrying out for over thirty years now.

The progress of electronic technology and the continuous growth of the IT sector are revolutionizing our way of life.

Every day we interact with hundreds of microprocessor-run electronic systems, simple commonly-used objects which, however, contain sophisticated embedded systems. The latter are frequently the elements that control and direct the functioning of the devices which contain them, ensuring their required performance.


SECO, a protagonist of the Embedded universe

With over thirty years of experience, SECO is currently a leader company in the design and manufacturing of embedded solutions.

Innovation, research, collaboration with top-of-the-class partners, attention to the customer's needs and the ability to constantly tackle new challenges from the market: these are the qualities that permit SECO to always supply its clients with avant-garde solutions for standard products.

Our Product Lines:




From standard solutions to highly customized products

When a client company's requirements cannot be fully satisfied by products intended for standard systems, SECO offers a customized product development service. This provides a maximum degree of integration, improves the cost/performance ratio and also supplies continuous assistance in the development of the final product in all its components, whether hardware, firmware, software or mechanical.

One of the main strengths of SECO's embedded solutions is, in fact, the company's ability to manage and control the entire development cycle, from initial design to prototyping, and from mass production to a highly efficient and professional post-sales and assistance service.

If a tailor-made solution is generated by the specific needs of the client, the added value which SECO can create for every customized product can be measured by the possibility it offers for constantly interacting with the development process. This enables continuous optimization throughout the project's different phases, via actions taken to modify and improve the final product's overall quality.


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