SBC-A62-J and UDOO: Comparison

On this page you can compare the features of these two single board computers.

UDOO is an open hardware, low-cost computer equipped with an ARM Cortex A9 i.MX6 Freescale processor running Android and Linux, alongside the Arduino DUE’s ARM microcontroller. UDOO is the very first educational and DIY tool that allows heavy computation with low power consumption and that can process real time operations with digital and analog I/Os.
The vision proposed since the launch of UDOO on kickstarter was that of a community based on a strong continuity between high schools, universities and makers grounded on project-based and prototype based learning. In this direction the community is promoting the production and sharing of educational material through the web site and worldwide, high schools and universities are starting to use UDOO in their courses and labs.
Nowadays, UDOO is supported through a powerful community ecosystem, as it is a totally open source system with full access to all the hardware schematics and software. There are many OS communities available for UDOO. Developers and makers have full access to all source codes that come from the UDOO community such as Debian, Arch Linux and software like Pure Data, QT 3D with OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenCV. Of course, C/C++, Java, Python and other development environments are fully available.

From the success of UDOO, SECO has developed the SBC-A62-J: the low cost, single board computer born for the industrial market, that shares some important features with UDOO ( but guarantees long term availability and an industrial version.

Through this page and the document downloadable hereunder, you'll learn all the common features and differences between the two boards.

Free community Linux/Android BSP available @, which fully supports all the differences between SBC-A62-J and UDOO.
The SBC-A62-J may however also be supported directly by the SECO team depending on specific terms and conditions.

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