SECO and Telenor Connexion: a shared vision of the future

Donnerstag, Oktober 5, 2017 - 11:30
SECO is delighted to announce a recently signed partnership with Telenor Connexion, to support SECO’s new family of IIoT-oriented products with Telenor’s cutting-edge mobile connectivity.
From manufacturer to service provider. The collaboration between Telenor Connexion and SECO is based on a common vision of the future of the manufacturing industry. The world we inhabit, is every day more and more connected, augmented, autonomous - in a world, smart. In this context, the producer that aims to keep pace with the market has to progressively become a service provider. In other words, has to back up traditional produce with one or more value-added services. But many industries are lagging behind because they lack both the technical expertise and the huge amount of capital to enter the market. They need a plug-and-play product, with a faster time to market and available at depreciable cost. To tackle this problem SECO, inspired by the popular Software as a Service distribution model, is working on an innovative product-service that specifically targets the electromechanics field, but may also fit other industries as well.
What we are talking about is an all-in-one IIoT (Industrial IoT) system, that integrates: 2G/3G, LTE, NB IoT, and LTE-M mobile networks, supported by connectivity supplied by Telenor Connexion; industrial hardware (sensors and gateways); software (web technologies, cloud, machine learning, data mining, edge computing, mobile apps); and services (predictive maintenance, remote asset and energy management, IoT Big Data analytics), all provided as a service, i.e. along a subscription-based distribution model. 
Telenor Connexion will supply mobile connectivity on all products of SECO’s new IIoT product line. The two partners are able to provide all the services, from consultancy to support, along the entire lifecycle of the solution. SECO and Telenor Connexion can leverage their respective expertise to help the customer design its IoT solution with measurable returns.


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